Last week I got something rather exciting in the post; my very first product to review. Not only was I excited to be reviewing something, but it was something I had been looking forward to doing since before Faye was born. That’s right folks, I had myself a wee mini pick-me-up beautification afternoon in the comfort of my own home courtesy of the lovely folks from Naturtint.

As any new Mum will know, those first few months are merely survival months. If you lose weight it is because you simply forgot/couldn’t put baby down long enough to eat. If you are complimented on your ‘hip and daring’ dress-sense, it is simply the case that those are the only maternity clothes that don’t fall round your ankles teamed with the only pre-pregnancy top that gives baby full access to boob whenever she wants. And if people ask what is different about your hair, it is normally the fact it hasn’t been washed in a week and you have joined the ranks of the ever proud / ever tired, Mum-bun brigade.

I was feeling pretty blurgh about my appearance and in particular my hair. I hadn’t had it dyed for about 9 months because of being pregnant  (the jury is out on the affects of hair dye on unborn babies and although widely considered to pose minimal risk I was unwilling to take any risk) and as I am breastfeeding I was again putting off dying it. Add to all that the fact that after my first born was born the hairdressers was the first time I went anywhere without him and it was the most stressful few hours of my life, I was not so happily simply ignoring the hair situation.

Then as if by magic, Naturtint got in touch about their hair products which are ‘naturally better’ and don’t contain the harmful chemicals you find in most other hairdye brands. You can read all the specifics on their website but basically these guys are the good guys!

I hadn’t dyed my hair at home since I was a student and I’ll be honest, even though this was the perfect solution to not wanting to go sit and panic at the hairdressers, I was not exactly looking forward to locking myself in the bathroom for hours and having it smell like petrol for days.

Well I needn’t have worried because the entire Naturtint experience was wonderful from start to finish;- not at all how I remembered spending my moody goth black hair dying youth.

The instructions are so simple and clear a baby could follow them πŸ˜‰ You have everything you need in the box plus the nice added bonus of Naturtint shampoo, conditioner and an anti ageing hair cream.

Amazingly the hair dye doesn’t smell. I have no idea how they do it as normally even at the hairdressers you have to breath in horrible smelling fumes till you get that awful marker pen sniffing type headache. Naturtint hair dye has little to no smell which I found great because once applied I could walk around the house and be near the kids again without fear of having them breath any toxins in.

The whole process was fast, about 45mins in total, again massive bonus as I could have managed it while the kids napped if husband man had not been home. The anti aging hair cream that comes with it is amazing. It smells of honey and almonds and makes the hair so silky smooth. Someone needs to invent a better way to get into sample sachets in general though because trying to tear them open with wet hands is easier said than done (teeth were used).

As for the end result, well you tell me? What do you think? I think my hair looks healthy and natural and it smelt and felt amazing. The colour as as good as having  gone the hairdressers and  the hassle and cost considerably less.

I also used Naturtint hair mousse after I had dyed my hair. The directions call for it to be applied to damp hair which I did but I would say that for me personally this didn’t have as good an outcome as when I used it again the following day on dry hair. It is a very gentle mousse and gives a soft and natural feeling hold. No hard dry crunchy hair here that you often get with other mousse. It more has the feel afterwards of a curling cream which I was pleased with.

The kind people at Naturetint have sent me an extra one of their mousses and another amazing smelling hair mask to giveaway to one of you lucky people. So if you want to be in with a chance of winning just complete these two easy steps:

  1. Simply go like my post on Facebook about my Naturtint review here.
  2. Comment on this post below by completing this sentence: ‘I wish my hair was ________’ eg darker, longer, blonde, not got cheerios in it.

Entries close at midday on Monday 14th November and then a winner will be selected at random.

Giveaway (UK residents only. Sorry far away folks)

Disclaimer: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review and giveaway but all opinions expressed are my own.

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140 thoughts on “Naturtint Haircare Review and Giveaway”

  1. I wish my hair wasn’t curly. It used to be straight as a child but now it curls into frizzy ringlets if I don’t blow dry it straight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Loved the review, had never heard of this company before so thanks for sharing!

  2. I wish my hair was curly. I have the world’s straightest and finest hair, even my hairdresser says it’s like babies’ hair.

  3. I wish my hair was my crowning glory every day and not sprouting coarse grey hairs and getting greasy really quick. Fed up of having to wash my hair every day.

  4. I wish my hair was thinner (I know that’s a strange one) but I find it’s too thick and therefore I’m alwaaaaays hot!

  5. your hair looks gorgeous in the picture ,wish mine was less thin more thicker hoping to dye mine too in the new year ,cover the grey

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