Hello, Fee here. I am a stay and play at home Mum to One of Each, emphasis on the play and less stay, more of a ‘go out and explore’ Mum. One of each has been everyone’s favourite observation upon discovering my newborn was a wee girl and my first born a boy. This is most often closely followed by the assertion that I must now be ‘done’.

But done what, I found myself asking? While I might not be having any more children (two hands = two children and no more folks. It is simple physics), I am by no means done. Me and mine are just getting started and this blog is here to document the ups and downs of our adventures.

Before I built two whole (I might be biased here) and astonishing, brand spanking new, tiny humans inside me, I worked as a Theatre Manager. I enjoyed regularly seeing internationally acclaimed live stage shows, watching arthouse cinema, visiting art galleries and consuming high volumes of literature curled up on the sofa with husband-man, Keith.

Nowadays the shows we see nearly always involve Pantoesque squeals and being kicked continuously in the back of your seat. All art I view is prominently toilet roll and painted macaroni based. The books tend to involve animals dreased as humans dishing out serious life lessons or vehicles with a mind of there own running riot with complete disregard for health and safety. And I could not be happier.

Husband-man, Keith, is a commercial diver. I’ll write a post to explain it some time. Basically he is an astronaut under the sea. When he is back from working in the deep dark depths, we cram as many fun family activities in as possible and enjoy our little clan being together.

Aiden was born June 2014 starting our journey into parenthood. He is inquisitive and cautious, determined and spirited. He seeks out knowledge and answers and likes nothing more that reading book after book, although exploring the great outdoors is a close second.

Faye was born July 2016, completing our happy family of four. She is quite possibly the most relaxed baby ever. Everything is a delight to her and she likes it most when surrounded by people and noise (specifically her brother’s voice). She is extremely observent and happiest when engaging in a good chat.

That is me and mine, I hope you enjoy following us as we grow and explore this world together.

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