Not got a week of beautiful Instagram photos but I have a week of fun family memories snapped on my phone camera. I’m pretty happy with that!

So how often do you hoover under the sofas? I must admit I only do it every few months (is that awful?!) This week I had to do it because we lost some Lego under there so needed to move the sofas anyhow. First we tried searching with a torch but my arm wasn’t long enough so I pushed the two sofas together into the middle of the room and the kids had the best time playing on the giant bed sofa! And I found the Lego!

Aiden’s nursery had a special visitor at their Christmas party. Aiden was so good, he sat right at the front at Santa’s feet and waited as all the other girls and boys names were called first. When he eventually called him, Aiden jumped up beaming, and declared “that’s me! That’s me!”

Aiden had so many great days at forest school this week that when I went to collect him on Wednesday he actually had a full blown tantrum and refused to leave! He lay down in the mud and rolled around. When I eventually coaxed him down from the top of the hill he made one last ditch freedom dash to a field in the distance but was floored at the fence. He stayed there kicking his legs and fake shouting that he loves forest school more than anywhere else and he is never going to leave. Obviously I watched the show and took a photo…

Faye’s favourite thing to do is follow Aiden around and copy him so she was in her absolute element when he dressed her in his cap and gave her his camera.

On Thursday we went into nursery in the late afternoon when Aiden isn’t normally in as it was the class nativity. Now I’m not religious so that part of it I find rather odd and we have been discussing with Aiden that it is a story some people believe and some people don’t but I enjoyed the little bit of theatre in the woods element and Aiden in costume was cute as can be.

Caught Aiden trying out new ways to wear his Buff in front of the mirror. He was very pleased with the pinapple look here.

Since Aiden discovered that there is a car trolly thing at the supermarket he ALWAYS wants to go in it. It has a car at the front and then a normal child trolly seat at the back. Faye was initially happy with the trolly seat but then of course wanted to squ in next to her brother. The seat belt wouldn’t fit round both so Aiden took it upon himself to keep his wee sister safe. I was literally a puddle!

Faye’s hair can almost almost fit in pigtails!!! I am a little bit too happy about this and must refrain from playing with her hair all the time… she did like using her brush to comb her toy kitten which Aiden has named Mia.

How are you all doing?  All ready for Christmas or needing to do a last minute dash?

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